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 Johns Hopkins NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships

The Johns Hopkins Department of Athletics ranks among the national leaders in all-time NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship recipients with 44 since Robert Smith earned the program's first in 1964-65. Since then, student-athletes in 14 different sports have earned this prestigious award.

There have been 10 years where Johns Hopkins has produced two or more NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship recipients, including the 2016-17 season. During the 1997-98 academic year, Hopkins produced a school-record four individuals who were selected.

The men's swimming (10), football (9) and men's basketball (7) teams lead the way as those three teams have combined for 26 of JHU's all-time NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships.

 Johns Hopkins' NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Recipients - Sport-by-Sport Listing
 (Sports listed in alphabetical order ... student-athletes in alphabetical order within each sport listing)
Name Sport Acad. Year
Baseball (1)
John Christ Baseball 1998-99
Men's Basketball (7)
George Bugarinovic Men's Basketball 2014-15
Andy Enfield Men's Basketball 1990-91
Jay Gengemi Men's Basketball 1991-92
Matt Gorman Men's Basketball 1996-97
Greg Roehrig Men's Basketball 1997-98
Andrew Schreiber Men's Basketball 1974-75
Robert Smith Men's Basketball 1964-65
Women's Basketball (2)
Angie Arnold Women's Basketball 1997-98
Amy Dodrill Women's Basketball 1994-95
Men's Fencing (1)
Glenn Balbus Men's Fencing 2015-16
Football (9)
John Arena Football 2013-14
Vincenzo Bonaddio Football 2013-14
Gunter Glockner Football 1973-74
Larry Gulotta Football 1998-99
Mike House Football 1994-95
Paul Longo Football 2003-04
Stu Markley Football 1993-94
Brian Nickel Football 2006-07
Joe Ouslander Football 1972-73
Men's Lacrosse (2)
P.J. DiConza Men's Lacrosse 2001-02
Larry Quinn Men's Lacrosse 1984-85
Women's Lacrosse (1)
Taylor D'Amore Women's Lacrosse 2013-14
Men's Soccer (3)
John DelMonaco Men's Soccer 2000-01
Matt Doran Men's Soccer 2001-02
Pablo Drobny Men's Soccer 1966-67
Women's Soccer (1)
Jenn Paulucci Women's Soccer 2010-11
Men's Swimming (10)
Bill Bender Men's Swimming 1981-82
Jonathan Blank Men's Swimming 1980-81
Dean Buchenauer Men's Swimming 1978-79
John Dierkes Men's Swimming 1976-77
Andrew Greenhalgh Men's Swimming 2016-17
John Kegelman Men's Swimming 2008-09
Matt Johnson Men's Swimming 1997-98
Dave Lofthus Men's Swimming 2002-03
Brian Ronson Men's Swimming 1995-96
Bill Smiddy Men's Swimming 1979-80
Women's Swimming (4)
Ana Bogdanovski Women's Swimming 2014-15
Lindsey Collins Women's Swimming 2001-02
Ann Girvin Women's Swimming 1995-96
Dawn Ledbetter Women's Swimming 1987-88
Men's Tennis (1)
John Saxe Men's Tennis 1997-98
Men's Track & Cross Country (1)
John Robinson Men's Track & Cross Country 1991-92
Women's Track & Cross Country (1)
Lindsay Cheu Women's Track & Cross Country 2016-17