The Johns Hopkins Department of Athletics is one of the most successful in the nation. Hopkins' 24 varsity athletic programs have won numerous conference championships, produced more than 90 all-time Academic All-Americans and nearly 40 NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship recipients. Johns Hopkins ranks among the national leaders in all-time Academic All-Americans and NCAA Postgraduate Scholars.

Since the formation of the Directors' Cup, which debuted during the 1995-96 academic year, Johns Hopkins has also been a fixture in the top 25 of the annual Director's Cup Rankings, which measures the overall success of a school's athletic program by its participation NCAA Championship competition. In the 17 years since the program debuted, Johns Hopkins counts 14 top-25 finishes, nine top-20 finishes and three top-10 finishes to its credit.

Johns Hopkins has currently placed in the top 20 in each of the last six years with a program-best eighth-place finish during the 2010-11 academic year.


 Johns Hopkins' Annual Directors' Cup Rankings  
 Year  Ranking  Points  Fall Summary  Winter Summary  Spring/Final Summary
1995-96 49th 220
1996-97 16th 352
1997-98 24th 210
1998-99 25th 200
1999-2000 22nd 347
2000-01 30th 342.5 Spring/Final
2001-02 23rd 371.5 Spring/Final
2002-03 14th 482 Winter Spring/Final
2003-04 16th 469.5 Spring/Final
2004-05 22nd 363.25 Spring/Final
2005-06 36th 324.25
2006-07 10th 686.25 Winter Spring/Final
2007-08 16th 577.5 Winter Spring/Final
2008-09 18th 620.5 Fall Spring/Final
2009-10 13th 638 Fall Spring/Final
2010-11 8th 688 Fall Winter Spring/Final
2011-12 9th 689.25 Fall Winter Spring/Final
2012-13 7th 789.50 Fall Winter Spring/Final
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