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Johns Hopkins Athletic Hall of Fame

Johns Hopkins Athletic Hall of Fame

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Athletic Hall of Fame

The Johns Hopkins University Athletic Hall of Fame was founded to recognize those individuals who have made a significant contribution to Johns Hopkins Athletics.

Eligibility for Nomination to the Hall of Fame
Candidates may be nominated only if they have participated in at least two full seasons of varsity intercollegiate competition at Johns Hopkins. Nominations may also include individuals who have contributed outstanding service to athletics at Johns Hopkins.

A candidate may be inducted at any time beginning 10 years after receiving his/her bachelor's degree from Johns Hopkins or another accredited institution.

A person who has not qualified for a degree may be eligible only after consideration by the committee of the individual's extenuating circumstances. The individual's candidacy must be approved by seventy percent (70%) of the voters.

Nomination Procedure
Nominations will be accepted by the committee from any source. These nominations should be submitted in writing to the Hall of Fame Committee, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Athletics, 3400 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218 no later than the first Saturday in October for consideration at the annual selection meeting in November.

Upon receipt of all nominations by the deadline, the chairperson will forward the information to the committee for their review.

The committee will convene in November and the selections for induction will be made for the spring induction ceremony.

Awards and Honors
Inductees will receive a Hall of Fame certificate, a Hall of Fame watch and a specifically designed lifetime athletic center pass, which is good for admission to all Johns Hopkins regular season home athletic events. The representative of a deceased inductee will receive the gifts in honor of the inductee.

In 2010, a Hall of Fame recognition display was added to the main lobby of the Newton White Athletic Center. Each individual inducted is represented with an individual plaque denoting their name, sport (s) affiliation, graduation year and year of induction.

 Johns Hopkins Athletic Hall of Fame Members - Alphabetical Listing
Steve Adams (Class of 2003) Basketball
Tom Ahern (Class of 1963) Fencing
Julie Anderson (Class of 1998) Basketball
Scott Armstrong (Class of 2003) Swimming
Angie Arnold (Class of 1998) Basketball
Bob Babb (Class of 1977) Coach
Devin Balkcom (Class of 1998) Swimming
Monika Bay (Class of 1982) Swimming
Brian Berke (Class of 1969) Basketball
Andy Bernstein (Class of 1990) Baseball
Ed Bernstein (Class of 1959) Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball
Harrison Bernstein (Class of 2000) Football
Tom Biddison (Class of 1928) Football, Lacrosse
John Bielawski Athletic Trainer
Jon Blank (Class of 1981) Swimming
Pete Blohm (Class of 1987) Baseball
Vern Booth (Class of 1924) Track and Field
Francine Brennan Byers (Class of 1996) Field Hockey, Lacrosse
Doug Brenner (Class of 1961) Tennis
Krissy Brinsley (Class of 2002) Women's Swimming
Craig Brooks (Class of 1986) Baseball
Emil "Buzzy" Budnitz (Class of 1953) Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball
Lloyd Bunting (Class of 1950) Football, Lacrosse
Luke Busby (Class of 1994) Basketball
Tom Calder Administrator
Mark Campbell (Class of 1986) Baseball, Football
Matt Campbell (Class of 2005) Football
Beth Cariello Fifer (Class of 1994) Field Hockey, Lacrosse
Lauren Carney (Class of 2001) Field Hockey, Lacrosse
Kelly Carver (Class of 1993) Lacrosse
John Christ (Class of 1999) Baseball
Henry Ciccarone (Class of 1962) Football, Lacrosse, Coach
Louis Clarke (Class of 1922) Track and Field
Charlie Coker (Class of 1970) Lacrosse, Football, Wrestling
Alice Collins Margraff (Class of 1989) Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Squash
Tim Collins (Class of 1980) Swimming
Frank Comfort Coach
Jeff Cook (Class of 1982) Lacrosse
Paul Cordts (Class of 1980) Fencing
Joe Cowan (Class of 1969) Football, Lacrosse
Johnny Craig (Class of 2000) Baseball
Chadd Crump (Class of 1996) Water Polo, Swimming
Kathy Darling (Class of 2003) Basketball, Track & Field
John DeTommaso (Class of 1986) Lacrosse
John Del Monaco (Class of 2000) Soccer
Mike DiCio (Class of 1979) Swimming and Diving
Amy Dodrill (Class of 1995) Basketball
Matt Doran (Class of 2002) Soccer
Del Dressel (Class of 1986) Lacrosse
Pablo Drobny (Class of 1967) Soccer
Dave Eikenberg (Class of 1991) Basketball
Dave Emala (Class of 1979) Baseball, Football
Andy Enfield (Class of 1991) Basketball
Jeff Fang (Class of 1992) Baseball
Mike Federico (Class of 1980) Lacrosse
Jim Feely (Class of 1969) Football, Lacrosse
Wilson Fewster (Class of 1950) Coach, Lacrosse, Football
Tom Finegan (Class of 1988) Football, Baseball
Nancy Funk Coach
Frank Gangemi (Class of 1991) Football
Jay Gangemi (Class of 1992) Basketball
Oscar Garcia-Rivera (Class of 1960) Football, Lacrosse
Andy Goldberg (Class of 1986) Fencing
Mark Greenberg (Class of 1980) Lacrosse
Gerry Greenfield (Class of 1974) Track & Field
Frank Grzywacz (Class of 1994) Basketball
Lorne Guild (Class of 1932) Men's Lacrosse, Football
Gary Handleman (Class of 1972) Basketball, Lacrosse
Stephanie Harbeson (Class of 2003) Swimming
Cindy Harper Covington (Class of 1988) Basketball, Track
Kyle Harrison (Class of 2005) Lacrosse
Kathy Hart (Class of 1989) Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Squash
A.J. Haugen (Class of 2000) Lacrosse
Mark Horning (Class of 1975) Swimming
Dave Huntley (Class of 1979) Lacrosse
Bill Jews (Class of 1974) Basketball
Matt Johnson (Class of 1998) Swimming
Peter Kahn (Class of 1998) Soccer
Hank Kaestner (Class of 1967) Lacrosse
Joe Kail (Class of 1994) Baseball
Kristie Kantowski Lilly (Class of 1991) Basketball
Loree Kelcher (Class of 1978) Fencing
Jim Kelley (Class of 1961) Football, Wrestling
Donaldson Kelly (Class of 1934) Lacrosse, Basketball, Football
George Kennedy Coach
Quint Kessenich (Class of 1990) Lacrosse
Bill Kinling (Class of 1950) Soccer
Ryan Kitzen (Class of 2002) Soccer
Geraldine Klauber (Class of 1984) Tennis, Basketball
Heather Klink (Class of '88) Lacrosse, Field Hockey
Sylke Knuppel (Class of 1993) Basketball, Track, Soccer
Lou Koerber (Class of 1949) Football, Baseball
Rick Kowalchuk (Class of 1974) Lacrosse, Football
John Krumenacker (Class of 1985) Lacrosse
Patty Lagator Knott (Class of 1990) Lacrosse
Jeremy Lam (Class of 1967) Fencing
John Lang (Class of 1928) Lacrosse, Basketball, Football
Millard T. Lang (Class of 1934) Soccer, Lacrosse
Jamie Larrimore (Class of 2002) Lacrosse
Harry Leet (Class of 1961) Football, Lacrosse
Mike Leonhardt (Class of 1984) Swimming
C. Gardner Mallonee (Class of 1928) Football, Lacrosse, Coach
Simeon Margolis (Class of 1953) Basketball, Baseball
Jim Margraff (Class of 1982) Football
Stu Markley (Class of 1994) Football
Danielle Maschuci (Class of 2000) Lacrosse, Field Hockey
Les Matthews (Class of 1973) Lacrosse, Football
Mary Ann McGuire Dickson (Class of 1997) Field Hockey, Lacrosse
Brad McLam (Class of 1986) Lacrosse, Football
Brian Mead (Class of 2005) Water Polo
Matt Menz (Class of 1993) Baseball
Bill Milne (Class of 1974) Swimming
Steve Milo (Class of 1999) Baseball
Steve Mitchell (Class of 1987) Lacrosse, Basketball, Football
Walter Mitchell (Class of 1958) Lacrosse
Doug Morgan (Class of 1981) Swimming
William "Kelso" Morrill, Sr. (Class of 1927) Coach
William "Bill" Morrill, Jr. (Class of 1959) Lacrosse
Bill Nelson Coach
Dick Oles (Class of 1968) Coach, Fencing
Michael O'Neill (Class of 1978) Lacrosse
Scott Orlovsky (Class of 1998) Baseball
Sarah Parola (Class of 2001) Soccer
Frank Parreira (Class of 1980) Baseball
Anita Patibandla (Class of 1998) Lacrosse, Volleyball
Mary Alexis Paul (Class of 2001) Volleyball
Heidi Pearce (Class of 2004) Lacrosse
David Perna (Class of 2000) Football
Jerry Pfeifer (Class of 1965) Lacrosse, Football, Coach
Brian Piccola (Class of 1995) Lacrosse
Dave Pietramala (Class of 1989) Lacrosse
Dave Psenicska (Class of 1988) Baseball
Larry Quinn (Class of 1985) Lacrosse
Dan Raedle (Class of 1997) Baseball
Dawn Richards Tolbert (Class of 1985) Basketball
Terry Riordan (Class of 1996) Lacrosse
Leslie Ritter Daley (Class of 2000) Basketball
John Hahn Roberts (Class of 1975) Fencing
John Robinson (Class of 1992) Cross Country, Track
Greg Roehrig (Class of 1998) Basketball
Juliane Rolapp Huguely (Class of 1991) Basketball
Yani Rosenberg (Class of 2002) Baseball
Jelani Rucker (Class of 1995) Football
Lou Ruland (Class of 1955) Wrestling, Lacrosse
Rebecca Savage Keller (Class of 1994) Lacrosse, Soccer, Squash
"Father" Bill Schmeisser (Class of 1902) Coach, Lacrosse
Austin "Jerry" Schmidt (Class of 1962) Lacrosse, Football
Brendan Schneck (Class of 1981) Lacrosse
Jerome Schnydman (Class of 1967) Lacrosse
Homer Schwartz (Class of 1964) Basketball, Lacrosse
Bob Scott (Class of 1952) Coach, Administrator
Marjahna Segers (Class of 2000) Basketball, Volleyball, Track
Dr. G. Wilson Shaffer (Class of 1924) Administrator
Julie Siegrist (Class of 1990) Lacrosse, Field Hockey
Dr. Charles "Chick" Silberstein Team Physician
Karl Sineath (Class of 2002) Baseball
Bill Smiddy (Class of 1980) Swimming
Fred Smith (Class of 1950) Lacrosse, Wrestling, Coach
Eric Steidinger (Class of 1994) Swimming
Bill Stromberg (Class of 1982) Football, Baseball
Philip "Pete" Swindell (Class of 1937) Lacrosse
Jack Thomas (Class of 1974) Football, Lacrosse
Harry Tighe (Class of 1950) Soccer, Track and Field, Wrestling
John Tolson (Class of 1941) Lacrosse
Brooke Tunstall (Class of 1948) Lacrosse
Doug Turnbull, Jr. (Class of 1925) Football, Lacrosse
Jack Turnbull (Class of 1932) Football, Lacrosse
Marshall Turner Administrator
Jenn Ward (Class of 1996) Lacrosse
Mickey Webster (Class of 1959) Lacrosse
Paul Weiss (Class of 1970) Football, Lacrosse
Eric West (Class of 1998) Soccer
Franz Wittelsberger (Class of 1976) Lacrosse, Football
Brian Wood (Class of 1987) Lacrosse
Church Yearley (Class of 1934) Lacrosse, Football, Basketball
Don Zimmerman (Class of 1976) Lacrosse (Player and Coach), Coach