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Sport Performance - Billing Information

All student athletes who participate in a sport within the Department of Athletics at Johns Hopkins University are required to be covered by a Health/Medical Insurance policy through their parent or guardian's policy, their own policy, or with the JHU Student Health Insurance Plan.

This information must be provided as part of the Medical Clearance requirement. It is the responsibility of the student athlete and their family to secure and maintain personal health insurance coverage. The Athletic Training Staff must be notified immediately of any changes in this information.

Costs generated by daily evaluations, treatments, and rehabilitation done in the athletic training room by certified athletic trainers or team physicians are not charged to the athlete. Additional expenses such as diagnostic studies (x-rays, MRI's), office visits, surgeries, and orthotic equipment will be billed to the primary insurance. The remaining balance will be sent in bill form to the athlete's permanent address. It is the responsibility of the athlete or the parents to submit the following to CHP for bills generated by JHU athletic related injuries:

- An itemized medical bill from the provider showing: providers name and address, date(s) of service type of service/procedure, provider charge for each service/procedure.

- An `Explanation of Benefits' (EOB) from the insurance company displaying the provider's charge and amount covered by insurance.

The JHU Athletic Department is NOT responsible for:

  • Bills generated from services provided for injuries or illnesses originating from activities unrelated to Johns Hopkins University intercollegiate athletic participation.
  • Bills incurred by a student athlete who seeks outside medical attention without the knowledge and permission of the staff athletic trainer and team physician.
  • Bills incurred by a student athlete who is uninsured at the time of injury or when the service is provided.

**It is the Responsibility of the student athlete to make the athletic training department aware of any changes to their medical insurance. It is also the responsibility of the student athlete to submit any approved medical expenses to CHP within 6 months (180 days) from the date of service. The athletic department will not be responsible for any late charges or consequences for bills not submitted in a timely fashion.**

For more information or clarification of the referral and billing process/policies, please contact your appropriate athletic trainer.