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The sports medicine operation at Hopkins is among the finest in the nation, featuring an experienced staff of athletic trainers that provide year-round health care for all 24 Blue Jay varsity sports teams.

The operation is under the direction of Head Athletic Trainer Brad Mountcastle, who oversees a staff of two full-time assistants and four graduate assistants. JHU's seven certified athletic trainers supervise a staff of student assistants, including students in the Johns Hopkins pre-medical program and student interns in the athletic training program at Towson and Salisbury Universities.

The Hopkins athletic training staff is supervised and supported by a staff of team physicians who regularly assist in the evaluation and treatment of Blue Jay athletes. All specialize in sports medicine and have associations with professional athletes and franchises in the area.

The team is coordinated by Dr. Andrew Cosgarea, Director of Sports Medicine in the Department of Orthopaedics at Johns Hopkins University. Associate team physicians include Dr. Les Matthews, Dr. Hugh Baugher, Dr. Bashir Zikria, and Dr. Sam Dixit. Matthews is a former All-America lacrosse goalie at Hopkins who currently serves as the Chief of Orthopedics at Union Memorial Hospital, while Baugher works at the Curtis National Hand Center. Zikria is an orthopaedic surgeon at Johns Hopkins, while Dixit, who is also in the Department of Orthopaedics at Johns Hopkins, specializes in primary care sports medicine. All five doctors are available for weekly clinical visits in the training room as well as emergency referrals.

The sports medicine area has generous space available for the evaluation and treatment of athletic injuries and contains much of the latest injury rehabilitation equipment. This facility enables the staff to provide the best in athletic care and also includes office space for the athletic training staff.

Mountcastle and his staff provide a multitude of services to Hopkins athletes, primarily focusing on the prevention, assessment, management, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries. Hopkins athletic trainers help prepare athletes for daily competition, staff every game and team practice and provide regular follow-up treatment in the athletic training room during the week.

The staff also coordinates physician referrals, determines the participation status of athletes, schedules lab and diagnostic tests as needed and provides counseling and education to athletes and their parents.

Mountcastle's aggressive program emphasizes therapeutic exercise in the treatment of Blue Jay athletes. The athletic training staff does everything possible to allow athletes to stay active and participate in competition without risking their health or well-being.

By maintaining close relationships with the coaches and team doctors, the athletic trainers work to develop treatment plans that are in the best interest of the athletes.

The Johns Hopkins Athletic Training staff consists of a head athletic trainer, two full-time assistants, four graduate assistants and a team of physicians. The primary focus is on the prevention, assessment, management, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

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