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Newton H. White Athletic Center Athletic Training Room
The Johns Hopkins University athletic training room is located in the Newton H. White Athletic Center and is the primary medical facility for all Johns Hopkins Athletes and Teams. The athletic training room includes three staff offices, a doctor's office and examination room, a taping/wound care room, a rehabilitation/exercise room, a treatment area, a hydro-therapy room and extensive record and supply storage areas. The central location within the athletic center allows for easy access to and from all the athletic courts, fields and locker rooms.

Cordish Lacrosse Center Athletic Training Room
The Cordish Lacrosse Center athletic training room is located in the Cordish Lacrosse Center in the end zone of Homewood Field. The athletic training room is primarily used for Pre and Post game treatments as well as post practice treatments for the Men's and Women's lacrosse programs. It includes a taping and wound care area, a treatment area and a small hydro-therapy room.