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Sport Performance - Medical Clearance



All prospective student athletes must meet the Medical Clearance Requirements prior to participating in the Johns Hopkins University Intercollegiate Athletic Program. Please understand that no student shall be permitted to try-out, practice, compete, or in any other way participate as a team member until gaining athlete medical clearance from the JHU Athletic Training Department.

These Medical Clearance requirements are specific only to Varsity athletic participation and are separate from any other medical forms required by the University in general.

The new athlete forms which comprise the first portion of Medical Clearance Requirements are as follows: Medical History Questionnaire, Insurance Information Sheet, HIPPA/Consent for Treatment, and Informed Risk Statement. ALL new prospective Johns Hopkins University student athletes (i.e. freshman, transfer students, first time athletes) must complete and submit these forms to the Athletic Training Department BY THE ANNOUNCED DEADLINES.

Upon receipt of all properly completed forms, the student is then eligible to receive the required Athletic Physical Athletic Medical Clearance Requirements and is scheduled in advance for each team. Anyone missing the scheduled Athletic Physical Examination, without prior notification, will be required to pay a fee for a make-up examination to be arranged at a later date. Prospective student athletes successfully completing the physical examination are then given Athletic Medical Clearance for participation.

If the prospective student athlete has experienced a significant health problem in the past, our team physicians will require receipt of medical records relating to the condition prior to receiving the physical. If recent records do not exist or new tests are deemed necessary (e.g. x-rays, MRI's, EKG;s, etc.) these may be required before considering medical clearance. Payment of any such tests would be the responsibility of the prospective student athlete and their insurance company.

Each year following the initial year of participation, returning Hopkins student athletes are required to complete an Insurance Information Form, Returning Athlete Questionnaire, and have any existing medical condition re-evaluated by the medical staff. Note: The comprehensive Athletic Physical Examination is not required of returning student athletes unless they have not been a member of a team for more than one year. For more information regarding medical clearance, please contact the appropriate athletic trainer directly. Please use the link above to continue to the medical form download page.